A Guide to Neon Sign Restoration

January 4, 2019

A neon sign can break down due to two main reasons, either the small parts break or when the tubes develop cracks. It is easy to fix the broken parts than it is to repair cracked tubes. If you want to repair neon signs this is the guide you are looking for.

Neon Sign Restoration

The first thing you need to do is make a similar pattern of the neon sign which you want to repair and for that, you need a pattern paper. Trace the neon tube on the pattern paper. A bending material can also be used for pattern making. In a broken neon sign, the missing parts must be filled in.

Once the pattern making is done, the old insulators should be scraped off and the paint should be blocked. These two steps prevent needless fuming during the restoration process

Clean the tube to prevent dust from getting inside it during the neon sign restoration process and then check the vacuum of the tube. If the tube lights then it is under vacuum and if you cut it to air will enter the tube. The air can blow the powder coating on the tube which can completely waste the tube which is why you need to seal the tube. Be sure to wear safety gloves.

While repairing neon signs always remember to use the same diameter tubes because a mismatch can be easily distinguished.

The most difficult part is glassblowing. Before you start with it remove any loose coatings of dust or phosphor particles.

A ring of tubing is heated and the glass is drawn in, let it cool and the crack is restored. The most important step comes next which is the replacement of electrodes. Even if the older ones are working it is better to opt for new electrodes as it can keep the neon signs safe and durable.