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Pressed Juicery’s Journey From Being Worth $30,000 to Generating $75M in Revenue

August 25, 2018

Hayden Slater, a co-founder of Pressed Juicery first fell in love with juices when he decided to undergo a 30 day juice cleanse in Thailand. This was back in the August of 2008, Slater had decided to stay in a tiny hut in a Thai resort where he got a chance to be surrounded by sandy beaches and lush forests as he went through the cleanse. When he first started the cleanse, he was only going to try it for 5 days, however, after seeing the positive changes that his juice based diet brought about in such a short amount of time, Slater decided to continue with the plan.

After having personally experienced the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, Hayden Slater went on to co-found the Pressed Juicery, a company that produces cold pressed juices, soft serve, and flavoured waters, and is currently expecting to earn around $75M in the coming year.

Slater was not always a health oriented person, he spent most of his life binging on fast food and following the routine of every average American out there, however, he decided to start making a change in his life when he decided to give an introductory yoga class a go in college. His time in this class made him want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and he began to experiment with cold pressed juices, incorporating them into his daily routine.

However Hayden went back to his unhealthy lifestyle for a while before he finally decided to start his own juice company. He pitched the idea to two of his childhood friends who shared his passion and finally in 2010, all three of them pooled their money to begin their juice company. Pressed Juicery was started with the idea of making healthy products feel less eliteist, rather than making their products sound fancy and expensive, they decided to keep their approach to cold pressed juices simple enough so that more people would feel like trying them out.

Pressed Juicery was founded at a time when there were very few places that were offering cold pressed juices, this allowed the company to stand out by adopting a competitive approach to this market. Pressed Juicery’s first physical location was in a broom closet that the owners rented out for $1,050 a month, and they produced their juice with a juice press in a local cupcake shop. The founders had a very carefree and (according to Slater) and ignorant approach to running the business that really helped them draw in customers by giving them just what they wanted.

However, this ignorance also led to some trouble with the FDA, who shut them down not once, but twice, at this point no one expected Pressed Juicery to make a recovery, however, its owners were determined to struggle and survive. Pressed Juciery went through many trials and at the end, it came out standing on top, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cold pressed juice market.

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How Marie Forleo Went From Being a Bartender to The Owner of an Online Empire

Marie Forleo has a strong following and is revered as a business and life coach, many people willingly pay to attend her classes and seminars, hoping to learn something useful from this highly capable woman. However, she was not always so popular, Marie Forleo was a nobody in the beginning of the 2000s who was set on developing her coaching business. She began as a jack of all trades kind of instructor who provided classes for all kinds of skills and talents, and according to Forleo, she hardly used any advertising at all in the beginning to build up her client base.

Instead, Forleo used to jot down the names and email addresses of people wherever she went so that she could send them helpful tips about life on a weekly basis. This was back when not many people were familiar with the concept of email newsletters, yet Forleo saw this as an opportunity that would allow her to advertise to people on a personal level without having to make any major investments.

The secret behind Forleo’s success as a businesswoman might sound simple, however, it required an insane amount of dedication and effort. She was pretty much a one-woman show who had nothing other than herself and her yellow notepad on which she wrote down people’s names. Her habit of noting down people’s names all the time allowed her to get to know her customers with more depth, this helped her figure each person out better and provide them with much more effective life and business coaching.

Forleo noted that she never felt doubtful about leaving her job in order to pursue her own business, however she did feel unsure about whether she would actually make it somewhere or just crash and burn along the way.

If you fast forward to the present, Marie Forleo is followed by more than a hundred thousand people, she has her own Channel on YouTube that sees a lot of traffic, has her own online setup where she hosts podcasts, offers online classes, and also arranges performances. She also has around 40,000 people paying for her B-School class that costs $2000, it is safe to say that Marie Forleo definitely made it somewhere. What started off as an effort to keep a roof over her head eventually led to making her the owner of an online empire that is quite popular in the business coaching and life coaching market.

Forleo managed to become who she is because she was able to effectively identify the key factor that customers sought after in her line of business; personalised services. She was able to provide them with something that most of her competition was not focusing on back then and that was all that was needed to help her become noticeable. After that, she managed to keep her customers around by providing them with services that kept that happy and satisfied.

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How to Create a Business Out of Something That You Love

Making a living from a corporate job might be a safe and sure way of keeping a roof over your head, but it can also be very draining and does not give a sense of fulfilment, especially if you are someone who dreams of starting their own business. You might find yourself exploring different ideas and how you could convert them into something profitable, but procrastination and day dreaming will not get you anywhere, you need to be able to effectively take one of these ideas and monetize them.

When thinking about starting a business venture, you should tread carefully since your first few months are going to be uncertain, make sure that you do not end up leaving your job for your passion. Instead, one should gradually shift from being an employee to an employer, spend your time carrying out research, getting to know your market and determining what you need to do in order to differentiate yourself from your competition. Being cautious will ensure that you do not become too vulnerable and it will also give you time to figure out whether your idea is actually business worthy or just a passion project.

People who are used to working jobs find it hard to transition into entrepreneurship as they have become so used to being told what to do. An entrepreneur is their own shot caller and therefore, they do not have anyone making schedules and setting goals for them, this leads to plenty of confusion in your early days as your business venture can quickly become disorganized. In order to prevent confusion and chaos, you should treat your business idea as professionally as possible from the very beginning; set goals for yourself, document your progress, and act in a professional manner with yourself and your clients.

One of the best things about starting a business nowadays is that you do not necessarily have to invest in a physical location, there are a number of online launch platforms available that let businesses operate just as effectively (if not better) than a physical platform. You can simply setup your own website and turn it into a proper e-commerce platform with the help of a variety of tools, or you could simply setup shop on websites such as eBay and Amazon. Thanks to the internet, a once major cost barrier is no longer an issue for entrepreneurs.

Governments and private agencies often come up with programs that are supposed to encourage people to work on their own start-ups, finding a program like this can really help you out in the beginning. Programs like these help fresh entrepreneurs come up with business development plans, financial lending, assistance with manufacturing, market research and more. Some agencies also help businesses take advantage of co-working spaces that let them share offices.

If you take a calculated and well-planned approach towards your business then you are bound to have a much higher chance of actually making something out of it.

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