Another Way Out

November 30, 2018

The concept of bail is simple enough. For those who are convicted of some crime, the accused person will need to stay under police custody and supervision until they are called to court for their trial where they will be a hearing to decide the status of their guilt. When spending their time under police custody, they will be unable to have much contact with their loved ones outside and will surely miss work and social commitments. For someone who wants to avoid people hearing about it, their best bet is to get bail as quickly as possible.

The bail is the amount of money the jurisdiction decides upon to release the defendant. It is their insurance that while released from custody, the defendant will still come back to court for their trial once they call upon the accused. The bail amount however can be a large sum of money unpayable by defendants convicted of a crime and the higher you find that this amount exceeds, the less likely someone will be able to, or want to, pay it on the behalf of the defendant. This is where the bail bonds Berkeley organisations provide come in. A bail bonds mainly lets you save a lot of money.

For however the amount of your bail, paying a bail bonds agent will only cost you ten percent of that plus a few associated costs. You’re usually told by the bondsmen to sign off on some collateral that the bond agency can take possession of to resale to recover any losses should you fail to show for your court meeting. Using bail bonds will get you out of custody much faster though and as long as you show up for your meeting, the price is substantially less than paying the full amount in cash..

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