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How Marie Forleo Went From Being a Bartender to The Owner of an Online Empire

August 25, 2018

Marie Forleo has a strong following and is revered as a business and life coach, many people willingly pay to attend her classes and seminars, hoping to learn something useful from this highly capable woman. However, she was not always so popular, Marie Forleo was a nobody in the beginning of the 2000s who was set on developing her coaching business. She began as a jack of all trades kind of instructor who provided classes for all kinds of skills and talents, and according to Forleo, she hardly used any advertising at all in the beginning to build up her client base.

Instead, Forleo used to jot down the names and email addresses of people wherever she went so that she could send them helpful tips about life on a weekly basis. This was back when not many people were familiar with the concept of email newsletters, yet Forleo saw this as an opportunity that would allow her to advertise to people on a personal level without having to make any major investments.

The secret behind Forleo’s success as a businesswoman might sound simple, however, it required an insane amount of dedication and effort. She was pretty much a one-woman show who had nothing other than herself and her yellow notepad on which she wrote down people’s names. Her habit of noting down people’s names all the time allowed her to get to know her customers with more depth, this helped her figure each person out better and provide them with much more effective life and business coaching.

Forleo noted that she never felt doubtful about leaving her job in order to pursue her own business, however she did feel unsure about whether she would actually make it somewhere or just crash and burn along the way.

If you fast forward to the present, Marie Forleo is followed by more than a hundred thousand people, she has her own Channel on YouTube that sees a lot of traffic, has her own online setup where she hosts podcasts, offers online classes, and also arranges performances. She also has around 40,000 people paying for her B-School class that costs $2000, it is safe to say that Marie Forleo definitely made it somewhere. What started off as an effort to keep a roof over her head eventually led to making her the owner of an online empire that is quite popular in the business coaching and life coaching market.

Forleo managed to become who she is because she was able to effectively identify the key factor that customers sought after in her line of business; personalised services. She was able to provide them with something that most of her competition was not focusing on back then and that was all that was needed to help her become noticeable. After that, she managed to keep her customers around by providing them with services that kept that happy and satisfied.