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Pressed Juicery’s Journey From Being Worth $30,000 to Generating $75M in Revenue

August 25, 2018

Hayden Slater, a co-founder of Pressed Juicery first fell in love with juices when he decided to undergo a 30 day juice cleanse in Thailand. This was back in the August of 2008, Slater had decided to stay in a tiny hut in a Thai resort where he got a chance to be surrounded by sandy beaches and lush forests as he went through the cleanse. When he first started the cleanse, he was only going to try it for 5 days, however, after seeing the positive changes that his juice based diet brought about in such a short amount of time, Slater decided to continue with the plan.

After having personally experienced the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, Hayden Slater went on to co-found the Pressed Juicery, a company that produces cold pressed juices, soft serve, and flavoured waters, and is currently expecting to earn around $75M in the coming year.

Slater was not always a health oriented person, he spent most of his life binging on fast food and following the routine of every average American out there, however, he decided to start making a change in his life when he decided to give an introductory yoga class a go in college. His time in this class made him want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and he began to experiment with cold pressed juices, incorporating them into his daily routine.

However Hayden went back to his unhealthy lifestyle for a while before he finally decided to start his own juice company. He pitched the idea to two of his childhood friends who shared his passion and finally in 2010, all three of them pooled their money to begin their juice company. Pressed Juicery was started with the idea of making healthy products feel less eliteist, rather than making their products sound fancy and expensive, they decided to keep their approach to cold pressed juices simple enough so that more people would feel like trying them out.

Pressed Juicery was founded at a time when there were very few places that were offering cold pressed juices, this allowed the company to stand out by adopting a competitive approach to this market. Pressed Juicery’s first physical location was in a broom closet that the owners rented out for $1,050 a month, and they produced their juice with a juice press in a local cupcake shop. The founders had a very carefree and (according to Slater) and ignorant approach to running the business that really helped them draw in customers by giving them just what they wanted.

However, this ignorance also led to some trouble with the FDA, who shut them down not once, but twice, at this point no one expected Pressed Juicery to make a recovery, however, its owners were determined to struggle and survive. Pressed Juciery went through many trials and at the end, it came out standing on top, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cold pressed juice market.